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Drawing, sketching with colored pencils and markers; no talking

Blue Skies

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Blue Mind ASMR

Welcome to bluemind ASMR, your personal relaxation station. Tonight I’m going to be drawing and sketching with colored pencils and markers; there is no talking. I hope you enjoy. Headphones recommended~

If you like, you can follow @bluemindasmr on twitter; you can also follow me personally on both twitter and insta: @dumpstergranola (beware shenanigans); bluemind asmr now has a FB page as well.

Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment and tingle purposes only; although many listeners report that ASMR has helped them with a lot of things, such as falling asleep and relaxing, I’m not a medical professional, and my podcast episodes are not a replacement for professional help. So if you are struggling with anxiety, insomnia, or another medical problem, please talk to a doctor—if you can. I understand that being able to see a doctor and receive treatment is a privilege that not everyone has. In any case, I hope I’m able to help you in some way.

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